We want to display photographs that the owner of the dog is happy with. For this reason, we are looking to owners to submit photographs of their dogs for inclusion. You should ensure that you have the permission of the person who took the photo. Please email photos to
Photograph requirements:
1. Minimum 500 pixels high. We can reduce large photos but can't enlarge thumbnails.
2. Dog only please. People's legs are fine, we'll crop out smiling handlers.

Show Results Summary
Only UK Championship Show Results are being recorded in the results database. If your dog is an international competitor, please see the Additional Information section below. Show results are being entered in their entirety (as in every class, places 1-5) as far back as January 2000. In the interests of historical accuracy, Championship Show records will be created for any shows before that date at the request of individuals. Creation of a show record requires the name of the show, the date it was held and the name of the judge. These show records will only contain results submitted by individual exhibitors as they pertain to their dogs and responsibility for accuracy rests with them. To take advantage of this, please contact
Additional Information
The additional information field is intended to give owners a flexible way to provide more information about their dog. The show results and breeding data that are generated on the site are automated database functions that are limited in their scope. This extra field can be used to provide information on foreign show success, past showing success in the UK which may not have made it to the results database yet and other information which an owner may wish to share about their dog. Due to space limitations, there is a limit of 150 characters of additional information per dog. You can submit this information to the webmaster at the address above or use the report error and omission links on the animal pages.
Progeny On Record
Progeny on record is a summary of the progeny that the database knows that particular animal has produced. The animal database does not consist exclusively of show dogs. The animals in the breeding behind a show dog are included out of necessity - you can't make a pedigree otherwise. A good number of the animals in the database may never have seen a Championship Show ring but if their breeding contributes to the show scene and top level breeding generally then they will be included and be reflected in the progeny on record.
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