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Ch. Ta Maria All Eyz On Me (DK Fin Swed Norsk)

Show Result History

3rd Open Dog2024CruftsMrs G DolphinYet another exceptional dog from this owner, another gold and white who has all the qualities of his kennel mate, beautiful balance, lovely size, low to ground with a wonderful head and large dark eyes. Shown in wonderful condition and coat. I just preferred the size of the winner, but I would happily award CCs to any of the first five in this lovely class.
Dog RCC, 2nd OD2023Shih Tzu Club of Wales & WestMr T MoranAnother quality male from the “top drawer” – gold with a truly beautiful head with typical expression. Excellent skull shape with correct width, lovely dark, well-shaped eye, perfect nose placement and chin. Loved his size and typical breed balance. Would prefer a slightly stronger neck, but firm top-line and tail set. Good rear drive and positive mover. Excellent coat texture and condition. Positive mover with lovely temperament. RES CC
Best in Show, DCC, 1st OD2023Manchu Shih Tzu SocietyMr D IleyCC.& BIS pale G/W glamour boy he just shouts shih tzu from his nose to his tail. The head is so correct with those beautiful dark eyes very good width of jaw correct chin help giving that oriental expression we strive to achieve (it’s not easy) I had to take a 2nd take on his front assembly. So correct great ribbing both in length and spring well rounded and correct hind angulation loved his movement from any angle.
1st Open Dog2022WindsorMiss H HowardAnother top class male. Masculine broadhead, with beautiful dark expressive eyes. Ample length of neck into well laid shoulders. Good depth of chest and well ribbed with level topline. His tail is set well and carried correctly. Sound coming and going with lovely drive. Presented beautifully.
2nd Open Dog2022Three CountiesMr M RussellBeautiful Gold & white male of such quality and breed type. I have judged him before, as a youngster, and loved him then and he has now matured into a stunning example of the breed. Lovely head and expression carried on a well arched neck and well laid shoulders. Superb forechest and ribcage with a strong topline. Lovely tailset to complete this beautiful picture. Well angulated rear which showed when on the move when he behaved. Unfortunately, in this very strong class, he was not always concentrating on what he should be doing when on the move.
2nd Open Dog2020CruftsMrs G M GilkesAnother eye-catching young man with firm, well boned and muscled body. Masculine head without a trace of coarseness, darkest of eyes and good with of jaw. Good length of neck, giving correct head/tail balance, nice spring and length of rib. Beautifully coated and presented, moved with drive.
3rd Open Dog2019Joint Shih Tzu Clubs
2nd Yearling Dog2019CruftsMr K SinclairAnother gold and white, good headpiece but would prefer a darker eye colour. Sound. Well let down, broad chest. Strode out well with purpose.
1st Junior Dog2018Border UnionMrs G DolphinGold and white with very good breed balance. Plenty of substance and bone.Well developed chest for his age. Lovely head,broad skull with large dark eye and good width of jaw.Well placed nose which gave him an arrogant expression.When he settled on the he had a good top line and a well carried tail and moved soundly.Shown in very heavy coat for his age. Well presented.
1st Puppy Dog2018Shih Tzu Club of Wales & WestMr M RussellA very high quality class of puppies, which is good news for the future of the breed. I was very pleased with all 5 of my placings.Gorgeous head and expression on this young gold and white male with lovely nose placement and lovely wide jaw. Very good neck set in well placed shoulders which balanced with his well angulated rear, resulting in a sound and free movement while still being low to ground. Very good ribcage and strong topline leading to a lovely tailset.


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